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Stanley Stella's husband represents a theme of realism in the play; he is shown as a primitive, masculine character that is irresistible to Stella and on some levels even to his "opponent" Stella's sister Blanche.

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However, Stanley, like Blanche, is an ambiguous character. The original Broadway production closed, after performances, in Williams did not hide that he was gay or that he was an abuser of alcohol and drugs.

In this situation, opposites really do seem to attract one another which is precisely why Stella is attracted to Stanley. The story touches Mitch, who tells Blanche that they need each other. Sex leads to death for others Blanche knows as well.

After riffling through Blanches belongings for information Stanley subtlety confronts her with "it looks like you raided some stylish shops in Paris. His "rat race" style of life doesn't match with Blanches but has somehow converted Stella.

Today, the play is considered a classic, and has been revived on Broadway eight times. During a meeting between the two, Blanche confesses to Mitch that once she was married to a young man, Allan Grey, whom she later discovered in a sexual encounter with an older man.

When she tries to step past him, he refuses to move out of her way. This can be seen as the start of Blanche's mental upheaval. While looking at the papers, Stanley notices a bundle of letters that Blanche emotionally proclaims are personal love letters from her dead husband.

His rape of Blanche is a horrifying and destructive act as well as a cruel betrayal of Stella. At first she denies everything, but eventually confesses that the stories are true.

He was always open about his troubled family background: The set of the play consists of the two-room Kowalski apartment and the surrounding street.

Blanche has suffered a complete mental breakdown and is to be committed to a mental hospital. Her own promiscuous sexual desire destroys her reputation and her professional career. Sex leads to death for others Blanche knows as well. Their chat becomes flirtatious and friendly, and Blanche easily charms him; they like each other.

For a moment, Stanley seems caught off guard over her proclaimed feelings. It operated from to —meaning that shortly after becoming famous on Broadway, it was retired in favor of buses that were quieter and put less stress on the streets and surrounding buildings.

Blanche is described as arriving in a streetcar a small agile method of transport compared to Stanley's train-an unstoppable force that would take out anything in its way. Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. Death and desire bring Blanche to this low point in her life.

It is very apparent that the world of Belle Reve and the world in which Stella lives now is extremely different because of the difference in men, their behavior and even the place which seems very inferior when compared with In bed with your pollack. Williams Another form of imagery in the play is broken images.

In both the physical and the psychological realms, the boundary between fantasy and reality is permeable. She tells him that she will soon be leaving New Orleans with her former suitor Shep Huntleigh, who is now a millionaire.

She never recovers from the devastating death of her young husband, indirectly caused by the nature of his sexual desires. Be Book-Smarter.

A Streetcar Named Desire, Literary Analysis

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The most successful of these, in both commercial and critical terms, are The Glass Menagerie (), A Streetcar Named Desire (), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (), and The Night of the Iguana (). Conflict Between Blanche and Stanley in a Streetcar Named Desire This Essay Conflict Between Blanche and Stanley in a Streetcar Named Desire and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on douglasishere.com4/4(1).

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain, Famous for: Larger-than-life characters, a searing message about slavery, and language that.

The original CliffsNotes study guides offer a look into key elements and ideas within classic works of literature. CliffsNotes on Glass Menagerie & Streetcar Named Desire explores two popular plays, both of which take place in the South and borrow heavily from author Tennessee Williams’s own life experiences.

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